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Prevention & Cure

There are other things you can do to get the best out of the chemicals you use to sanitise the pool and to keep the water clear, blue and inviting. For outdoor pools, it makes sense to ensure the water is stabilised to prolong the active life of the chlorine. Also, periodic use of water clarifiers and algicides will help keep the water in tip-top condition.

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1ltr Rapid Clarifier

Turns cloudy water crystal clear

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1ltr Stain and Scale R...

Removes scale, rust stains and mineral deposi...

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1ltr Tile and Liner Cl...

Removes dirt and scale from the waterline.

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3ltr Liquid Floc

Fi-Clor Liquid Floc combats cloudy water

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3ltr Winteriser

Protects pool over the winter months

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Fi-Clor 1.25kg Clarifi...

Fi-Clor clarifier tablets, are suitable for a...

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Fi-Clor 3kg Granular F...

Clarifies pool water by total floc treatment

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Fi-Clor 3ltr Extra Str...

Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algicide Copper Based

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