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Spa Chemicals

We offer a wide range of quality Fi-Clor spa chemicals are to prevent bugs and bacteria forming which could be a hazard to humans. Bacteria need little encouragement to flourish; a nice dark warm place is ideal, and where better than in the spa filter or pipe work?

Water is the most important part of your hot tub, indeed all of the equipment is designed to either hold water, move it, filter it or heat it, so if you take care of the water, it will take care of you!

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1 Ltr Anti-scale

Removes scale from your hot tub or spa

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1 Ltr Cartridge Cleaner

Cleans filter cartridge in your hot tub or spa

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1.2kg Alkalinity Incre...

Use to raise total alkalinity in hot tub or spa water

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1.2kg Non-Chlorine Shock

Shock treatment for hot tubs & spas

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1.2kg Soda Ash

Use to correct pH in hot tubs & spas

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1kg Bromine Tablets

Disinfect hot tub and spa water

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1Ltr Anti-foam

Reduces foaming on surface water

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1Ltr Surface Cleaner

Clean away dirt etc from waterline

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1Ltr Water Clarifier

Restores water quality in spas & hot tubs

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2kg Dry Acid

Reduces pH in spas & Hot tubs

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