Starite 5P2R Swimming Pool Pumps changed the pool industry over 30 years ago when they were introduced as the first thermoplastic swimming pool pumps. And, with their proven track record, the 5P2R Pumps are featured in many of the finest pool installations today.


- Typical Installation – Inground pools, inground hot tubs and water features
- Quality Construction – The pump that reshaped the swimming pool pump industry is still going strong. Constructed of the industry leading and time-proven glass reinforced composite resin
- Easy-to-Install – 2" ports include external and internal threads for more plumbing options
- High-Performance – Designed to move large amounts of water in applications with more plumbing and accessory restrictions
- Low Maintenance – The large trap basket holds more debris, which means less cleaning. The clear polycarbonate lid let's you see when it's time to empty the basket
- Self-Priming – Will self-prime up to 15' above water level
- Dual Drain Plugs – Finger-tightening plugs located for ease of servicing and complete draining when required
- Long Lasting – Base is designed to keep motor high off the ground, preventing rain water splash from disturbing internal motor components