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There are other things you can do to get the best out of the chemicals you use to sanitise the pool and to keep the water clear, blue and inviting. For outdoor pools, it makes sense to ensure the water is stabilised to prolong the active life of the chlorine. Also, periodic use of water clarifiers and algicides will help keep the water in tip-top condition.
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    Pool Check 3 in 1

    Pool Check® 3in1 offers the user more than just another test strip; it offers accurate results that you can rely on. Pool Check® 3in1 has been specially designed to work...

    5ltr Winterfresh

    This effective copper free algaecide will help prevent the multiplication of most types of algae over the winter. It also prevents staining and scale formation. This product is compatible with...

    2kg Granular Floc

    Granular Floc sinks unwanted debris to the bottom of the pool creating clear sparkling water. Application Instructions 1. Maintain pH levels within the ideal range 7.2 - 7.6. If the...

    1ltr Rapid Clarifier

    Fi-Clor rapid clarifier turns cloudy water crystal clear. Fast acting, powerful formula for sand filters– improves filtering of fine particles. Can be used with filter running. Instructions Calculate the water...

    Fi-Clor 1.25kg Clarifier Tablets

    Fi-Clor clarifier tablets, are suitable for all types of sand filtration and is compatible with all pool sanitisers. There can be a number of small particles present in suspension in...
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