Fi-Clor 2.4kg Premium 5 Chlorine Tablets

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Multi-functional Premium 5 Tablets

5 Actions in only one treatment. Fi-Clor Premium 5 Tablets are specially formulated to out-perform standard 200g trichlor tablets, slowly releasing a powerful, long lasting disinfectant to kill potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms. Premium 5 Tablets also contain an algicide to tackle the problem of green water and a clarifier to keep your water crystal clear. The pH properties of the tablets will make it easier to balance water in hard water areas, and the product is stabilised to combat wasteful loss of sanitiser to sunlight making it ideal for use in outdoor pools.


Calculate the volume of water in your pool (if in doubt refer to the Fi-Clor Swimming Pool Handbook).

Tablet dissolving rate will depend on water temperature and flow rate. Adjust dosage of Premium 5 Tablets to maintain correct chlorine readings. If you need to raise free chlorine levels quickly, dose Premium 5 rapid dissolving stabilised chlorine granules by sprinkling directly into the pool in accordance with the instructions on the pack.