Fi-Clor 2.5kg Superfast Shock

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Eliminates green or cloudy water. Convenient alternative to liquid chlorine. Fast dissolving & fast acting. No chlorine lock.

Fi-Clor Superfast Shock contains 10% more available chlorine than standard calcium hypochlorite. Its fine particle size enables you to dose directly into the pool rather than pre-dissolve, rapidly forming free chlorine to kill algae. Superfast Shock is stabiliser-free, it breaks down 'chlorine-lock' and helps restore the effectiveness of chlorine in over-stabilised pools. It also has the effect of refracting light to produce pleasing blue water.


Calculate the volume of water in your pool (if in doubt, consult the Fi-Clor Swimming Pool Handbook).

Broadcast the product evenly over a wide area in the deepest part of the pool.

Brush off any algae that may be clinging to pool surfaces. Run the filter for 24 hours then backwash to remove dead algae from the top of the filter media. Vacuum the pool.

Any remaining haziness in the water should be removed by applying one of Fi-ClorÂ’s water clarifiers.

To help prevent a recurrence, dose the pool with one of Fi-ClorÂ’s Algicides.

Make sure free chlorine levels never fall below 1.5 mg/l (ppm) whether the pool is in use or not.