Fi-Clor 3kg Chlorine Stabiliser - Cyanuric Acid


Fi-Clor Chlorine Stabiliser protects pool chlorine in outdoor pools and reduces wasteful loss of sanitiser to sunlight. Ideal for pools on stabiliser free chlorines.


Calculate the volume of water in your pool (if in doubt, consult the Fi-Clor Swimming Pool Handbook).

Take a Cyanuric Acid reading using your test kit. If the reading is below 30mg/l (ppm) you will need to add Fi-Clor Chlorine Stabiliser as above.

The Chlorine Stabiliser can take a few days to dissolve. During this period assist dissolution by sweeping any accumulated product with a pool brush keeping filters running. Do not backwash.


When filling a pool, a single dose of 1.5kg of Chlorine Stabiliser should be added during or immediately after filling the pool.