Fi-Clor 7kg pH and Alkalinity Reducer

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Corrects High pH & High Alkalinity

According to the method of dosing, Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer (Dry Acid) will lower either the pH or the total alkalinity in swimming pool water. High pH can result in cloudy water and contribute to scale formation. More importantly, it will reduce the effectiveness of chlorine based sanitisers as they produce less free active chlorine. High alkalinity will make it difficult to adjust the pH as any correcting chemicals will be taken up by the alkalinity and are unable to alter the pH.

Instructions to Correct pH

Calculate the volume of water in your pool (if in doubt, consult the Fi-Clor Swimming Pool Handbook).

Take a pH reading using your test kit or test strips. You will need to lower the pH if the reading is above 7.6.

Pre-dissolve the Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer in pool water using a suitable container. In order to avoid concentrated solutions, only dissolve a maximum of 500g of the product in 10 litres of water at a time, adding product to water, never water to product. If you need to use more than 500g Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer, repeat the treatment. Dose no more than a total of 1kg at a time.

With the circulation system running, distribute evenly around the pool, avoiding the skimmers.

Continue filtration and re-test after 24 hours. If the pH is still high, repeat the dose.

To Correct Total Alkalinity

Determine the total alkalinity level using a test kit or test strips. If the reading is above 200mg/l (ppm), pre-dissolve 1kg of the product as described, and pour the solution in a small area at the deep end of the pool. Each application will reduce the alkalinity by approx 10 – 20mg/l.

Re-test after 24 hours. If the total alkalinity is still high, repeat the dose until total alkalinity falls below 200mg/l (ppm), varying the location slightly but avoiding the skimmers.