Premium filter media for enhanced water quality. Not only does Zeoclere offer new technology in water chemistry, it offers many advantages over standard filter sand, including 60% better water clarity.

Other benefits include:

- Reduced water consumption.
- Reduced Maintenance.
- Zeoclere gives you softer water.
- Excellent for underwater viewing, camera work and synchronised swimming.
- A straight swap from sand.
- Removes high levels of ammonia and heavy metals from pool water.

From private pools through to the largest water park, Zeoclere can not only enhance the quality of the water but benefits the pool owner and swimmer from the day of installation.

Ideal for leisure centres, schools, hydrotherapy, hotel pools and health clubs for a noticeable difference in water quality and bather comfort.

Ideal in Spa filtration for soft, silky, hygienic water.

Filters to the same standards to Diatomaceuos Earth standards without the health hazard.

20KG Bag

Zeoclere filter media has a 5 - 7 years life expectancy.