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We offer a wide range of quality Fi-Clor spa chemicals are to prevent bugs and bacteria forming which could be a hazard to humans. Bacteria need little encouragement to flourish; a nice dark warm place is ideal, and where better than in the spa filter or pipe work?

Water is the most important part of your hot tub, indeed all of the equipment is designed to either hold water, move it, filter it or heat it, so if you take care of the water, it will take care of you!

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    Pool Check 3 in 1

    Pool Check® 3in1 offers the user more than just another test strip; it offers accurate results that you can rely on. Pool Check® 3in1 has been specially designed to work...

    1Ltr Anti-foam

    Fi-Clor Spa Anti-Foam enables you to deal with foaming on the surface of the water which is often caused by a build-up of soaps, shampoos, detergents or skin treatment products....

    1kg Hardness Increaser

    Fi-Clor Spa Hardness Increaser should be used to raise the calcium hardness level in spa and hot tub water. Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in pool...

    1.2kg Alkalinity Increaser

    Fi-Clor Spa Alkalinity Increaser should be used to raise the total alkalinity level in spa water. Alkalinity is a measure of the total amount of alkali in spa water. If...

    1.2kg Soda Ash

    Fi-Clor Spa Soda Ash is a pH increaser that should be used to correct the pH when it is below 7.2. Spa water which is acidic is uncomfortable to bathe...

    2kg Dry Acid

    Fi-Clor Spa pH & Alkalinity Reducer should be used to correct high levels of pH (above 7.6) or alkalinity (above 160mg/l). High pH and/or alkalinity can lead to problems with...

    1Ltr Water Clarifier

    Fi-Clor Spa Water Clarifier should be added to spa and hot tub water to restore water quality. It coagulates fine particles suspended in the water until they are large enough...

    1 Ltr Anti-scale

    Fi-Clor Spa Anti-Scale has been formulated to help prevent the formation of scale on spa surfaces in hard water and facilitate cleaning of vulnerable areas. It is compatible with all...

    1 Ltr Cartridge Cleaner

    Fi-Clor spa cartridge filter cleaner enables you to clean the filter cartridge in your hot tub or spa. Removing grease, oil and trapped debris, therefore restoring the filter to optimum...

    1kg Chlorine Granules

    Fi-Clor Spa Rapid Dissolving Chlorine Granules contain 55% available chlorine and are formulated to disinfect spa water by killing potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms. The chlorine is stabilised to...

    1kg Bromine Tablets

    Fi-Clor Spa Bromine Tablets are formulated to disinfect spa water by killing potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms, creating a comfortable bathing environment. INSTRUCTIONSDO NOT MIX WITH OTHER PRODUCTS. DO...
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